Our Kayaks at Cochiti Canyon

My involvement with photography began at a relatively early age, using a box camera that predated even the famed Brownie Hawkeye. I found much delight in taking photographs of friends and the neighborhood, and when I was about 13 my parents gave me an Argus C-3 rangefinder model.

Years later I moved on to SLRs, and used a Nikon FE-2 for several decades. Photojournalism captured my imagination, and for a time I processed my own film and made prints.

In April 2009 I embraced digital photography, and very much enjoy taking pictures of nature, landscapes, sunsets, and skies around and near my home in northern New Mexico.

My photographs are an attempt to capture the is-ness of the moment, whether it be a sense of space, vastness, and stillness, or light, color, shape, and form.  The nature, landscape, and kayaking images document and reflect the current reality of these amazing places, when so much is rapidly changing due to human intervention, and so much is already gone. 

For example, there are canyons along the Rio Grande that five years ago we could paddle into, and which now are completely filled with sand and mud.  And the river itself is constantly carving new channels through which to flow, despite large mudflats and sandbanks due to much lower water levels.

My desire is that the photographs mirror and reflect the beauty, power, and inspiration of nature and our planet.  My hope is that they awaken a deeper appreciation of our own beauty, and the preciousness of the life we share with all beings.

I hope you enjoy viewing these photographs as much as I enjoy making them.  

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